In addition to exercising and eating well, your mind is an essential part of feeling #FitatLely. In the Mind part of the programme we will get to work on this.

the second brain

Science has discovered that humans have a second brain. Yes, read that once more: you
have a second brain. An independent brain that has a lot of influence on our hormonal
balance, general well-being and an influence on how we feel. This second brain can be
found... in your gut. ‘You are what you eat’ seems more relevant than ever.

What is this second brain and what does it do in my gut?

Not too long ago researches found an entire ecosystem right in the center of our body: millions of bacteria and neurons controlling our gut system. Neurons that, just like the neurons in our better known ‘head brain’, receive and send information around to activate processes and send signals of warning that we experience in the form of tangible sensations such as pain or that cringy feeling you experience sometimes in your life. Even though this second brain is not a conscious brain - it doesn’t feel the enjoyment of a beautiful summer day and doesn’t have a favorite song - but it does communicate with our conscious brain the entire time


How does that work?

While not being conscious itself, this brain ‘talks’ to your conscious brain the entire day. And not just that, your other brain, as it turns out, talks back and takes action. The most important job of your gut-brain is to control your digestion. Besides that, it is updating ‘upstairs’ on the entire process. We already knew for a while that a bad state of mental health triggers physical discomfort in the gut area, such as constipation, cramps and diarrhoea. But evidence reveals it also works the other way around: an unhealthy digestive system can trigger emotional changes and discomfort.


What do we do with this information?

A lot! It helps healthcare professionals to make a better treatment plan. You can help yourself as well by being aware of these processes. Feeling off for no particular reason at all? It might be that your second brain is trying to tell you something. Eat light and easy digestible meals and make sure you take your vitamins and minerals. Knowing you have a stressful period coming up? Be aware that healthy food will help you to cope better than fast food.


Sleep & personal effectiveness

Took place on June 16, 2022.

We sleep about a third of our lives, about 25 years added together. Strangely enough, most people know very little about sleep. Why do you need sleep? And what happens when you sleep?

Masterclass slaap.jpg

During this master class you will learn to actively relax during the day, during and after work, and to improve the quality of your sleep. You will learn to rest and recover better. The combination of insight into sleep behaviour and the practical tips creates more peace, (self) confidence, connection and involvement. Of course at the end there is plenty of room for your (personal) questions! In the video below (which is in Dutch) we tell you more about this.


Masterclass Slaap - Anouk Puister