You can only really be there for customers and colleagues when you feel comfortable in yourself. When you get out of bed full of energy in the morning and enjoy your work. When you have the feeling that you are "future fit" and have enough energy after a working day to do things that make you happy. Sounds good, right?

#FitatLely will help you!

Lely believes that paying attention to your health is very important. That is why we will start with a FIT check in October this year: the first initiative from the #FitatLely program for all employees with a Lely contract in the Netherlands. A great opportunity to work on your own energy and health in your own way and at your own pace.

You do #FitatLely for yourself. And for a good life - at home and at work.

Feeling good - with #FitatLely!


The FIT check consists of two parts:

  • A questionnaire about exercise, nutrition, sleep, humor, relaxation, social contacts and your work life, which gives you insight into what you are already doing well and what you can do to feel better in balance.
  • A physical test in a FIT bus at your location that gives you information about your physical health (eg blood pressure, heart rate, healthy weight,…).

After that, you discuss the results of the FIT check in a personal 30-minute conversation with a vitality coach, and you receive tips and advice about your personal situation. Then you can immediately start with your own FIT plan. You decide for yourself what you want to work on and what your first step is. Lely helps you with this, with various initiatives and activities that match your personal needs.

Good to know:

  • The FIT check is executed by Mind & Health, an external party that works with the Adaptics company.
  • The results of the FIT-check are only for you; Lely only receives a report at the organizational level. In this way, we gain insight into the opportunities for Lely for working on vitality. The results are anonymous and can never be traced back to an individual.
  • Participation is voluntary and you determine your own goal. Every step, big or small, is very nice.
  • The research may also reveal health risks (eg cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and blood pressure). Nice to know that you will immediately receive advice for improvement or a referral to a doctor.
  • The parts of the #FitatLely program take place during working hours and at your own location: Lely Campus and Weverskade in Maassluis or at Heerenveen.
  • The physical test in the FIT bus can only take place if you have completed the online questionnaire.
  • Of course we follow the Corona rules for distance and hygiene during the appointments. You can read the measures we have taken by clicking on the below button.

How to join

Get a cool fit gadget!

To stimulate you and to emphasize the importance of good health, Lely rewards participation in the #FitatLely program with a cool gadget: a Fitbit (a watch that measures your activity and helps to improve your health), a Nutribullet blender or a Philips Wake up light.


If in doubt, this will certainly help you! So register quickly with your direct manager and join us! Do you work at Operations or are you a service engineer? Then you must register with your team manager before October 1.

10 Tips

To work at home successfully

You can download the leaflet with some extra tips by clicking on the button.


Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about privacy, or do you want to contact us? Click on one of the buttons below. Also check the frequently asked questions: here you will find much information and answers to your questions.