During the Lely Future Farm Days 2020 we revealed new concepts in robotics and farm management data. Please find below the press kit with more information, images and movies for your use.

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Australia and New Zealand           

Gigi Kour                

Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Laura Morgenstern

Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

Eefje van der Weijde

Canada and the USA

Bellana Putz

China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea

René van Dalen

Croatia, Greece, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey

Derya Őzkan

 Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland

Karolina Smigerska

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,Estonia and Iceland

Mia Bjork Borby

France, Spain and Portugal

 Stéphanie Lefrancais

Ireland and the United Kingdom

Ailish Brennan


Silivia Pugolotti

Latin America

Rafael Sant' Angelo


Tatiana Sushina


Why Lely?

Freedom of choice and well-being for yourself and your cows. Flexibility and well-being for yourself and your cows while at the same time producing high-quality milk. That is what our barn concept offers. From milking to feeding and from care to barn lighting.