Health Check

Health Check - what does it include? 

You may have already participated in the Health Check in 2020 and gained important insights here. This year, the Health Check will look slightly different. It will no longer be offered at your work location, but at an external company, VitaSana. The Health Check helps you work on your health in a preventive way. 

It includes a blood, urine and bone-density test. An ultrasound of the heart, abdomen and neck and a fitness test is also included. Prior to the Health Check, you complete the questionnaires focusing on your mental health and lifestyle factors. Together with the results of the physical examination, this is the basis for the personal advice that the doctor goes through with you afterwards. The Health Check helps you gain insight into your physical, mental and social health and deal with it in an adequate way. Lely has no insight into participants or your examination results; this is completely confidential at all times.


VitaSana is located in the 'Castellum' along the A4 highway near The Hague. An external location with various consultation and treatment rooms equipped with modern medical equipment and where a medical team is at your service, including a radiologist, a cardiologist and a pulmonologist. Of course, VitaSana is bound by - and acts in accordance with - the applicable privacy and data processing laws and regulations. Curious how the Health Check works? Then watch the video below.


Also want to participate? 

Hopefully you are as enthusiastic as we are about the Health Check! Employees with a permanent Lely contract are eligible for the Health Check - once every three years. Taking into account VitaSana's capacity, employees are invited over the course of three years. You are invited by e-mail when you are in the window to enroll in the Health Check, which is voluntarily. This results in that every year 1/3rd of the employees gets the possibility to enroll, and invitations are done on a rolling basis based on length of employment.  Invitations are sent to the first eligible employee group in the week of March 13. 

If you would like to register for the Health Check at VitaSana earlier than currently scheduled due to medical reasons, please contact the #FitatLely team. We will contact our company doctor. He will discuss your situation with you and possibly refer you to VitaSana. 

Still have questions about the Health Check? Then click here for the FAQ, or send an email to we are happy to help! 

Health Check - Nathalie