The Body section focuses on physical exercise. Here you will find an overview of the training sessions offered in the Lely Gym and work out instructions for training sessions that you can even perform at your desk!

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Would you like to take one of the cool sports classes at the Lely gym? Check out the possibilities below and sign up via the app. See you there!

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Sports classes

Below you will find a description of the sports lessons that are offered in the Lely Gym.


The classes are relaxed and free. You do not need to be (physically) flexible and contrary to what many people think, yoga doesn’t have to be chantey at all. Yoga teaches you to adopt the right posture, use your energy efficiently and feeling this by concentrating fully on your breathing, balance and power. By finding the balance between these elements during the training, you can manage and divide your energy better from your own (muscle)power.


Bootcamp workouts are characterized by increasing your strength and endurance. Here, strength and cardio exercises are alternated so that the heart rate goes up. By varying intensity of exercises and pace, this workout is accessible to any fitness level. Exercises are made more fun by using the terrain in the immediate area as a training platform. Goals: Looking beyond your limits, Getting out of your comfort zone, Giving confidence, Experiencing less stress and getting moving.


Spinning classes excel in the combination of exercise on a bicycle and uplifting music. The music associated with spinning ensures that you are moving at the right frequency (tempo). For example, a lesson consists of different interval moments where one moment more power is required at a slower pace (you are cycling imaginary up a mountain) and at other moments more speed and pace. In addition, sitting cycling is alternated with standing and different hand positions to get the most out of this workout. These training sessions are also accessible for every fitness level, since you determine how heavily you let the bike move and how much power this costs. A challenging and above all energetic training for both the novice and advanced spinner!